As I was taking things apart or putting things together, I frequently found useful info on people’s blogs, things they found out by themselves, sometimes through hard work.

Lately I came to realise that, maybe, I should start “documenting” whatever I did that could provide useful information for others. Information that I wasn’t able to find anywhere else.

That’s how I see this blog. A way of sharing information that might be of interest to anyone working on the same things…

If there’s anything that needs clarification, more info or anything else, please get in touch…


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Dieter,
    I just got a 8711C and are looking for schematics. Do you have it or know where to get it ?
    Thanks in advance,

    • Marcel, I can share you all the documentation I gathered for the 8711A (schematics, modifications, my ROM dump, calibration constants,…). About 70MB zipped. I’m not sure how much difference there is between them, it has been too long since I looked into it last time. There’s a former engineer that worked on the design that is more than willing to share information. If you need his name, I can look for it – should have it somewhere. He used to be heaviliy involved in the former Agilent newsgroup…

    • Not yet unfortunately. Family life has put most projects on hold and the HP8640B hasn’t even been powered up for a couple of years..

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