Setting up Visual Studio Code for Python development (on Linux)

The following is a brief guide to reinstalling/setting up Visual Studio Code (VSC) on a new Linux system. The main use is Python development. As such, it is very brief and mostly for my own documentation.

Install VSC

sudo snap install --classic code

Install Python packages


  • linting (flake8): python -m pip install pyflakes pycodestyle mccabe flake8
  • Refactoring (rope): python -m pip install rope
  • Formatting (Yapf): python -m pip install yapf
  • Type checking (mypy): python -m pip install -U mypy --user
  • Flake8 Bugbear: python -m pip install flake8-bugbear, then check if installed with flake8 --version (should include flake8-bugbear)
  • Sphinx/RST support: python -m pip install doc8 rstcheck sphinx-autobuild
  • Snooty languageserver: python -m pip install snooty-lextudio

Install and configure plugins

Select interpreter


"python.pythonPath": "/usr/bin/python3",

to $HOME/.config/Code/User/settings.json

Set up linting

List of possible linters and how to configure them

Open user settings and

  • set Python > linting: flake8 path, to C:\Python39\Scripts\flake8.exe
  • Add max-line-length=99 to Python > Linting: Flake8 Args
  • Enable flake8

or add

    "python.linting.flake8Path": "C:\\Python39\\Scripts\\flake8.exe",
    "python.linting.flake8Args": [
    "python.linting.flake8Enabled": true,

to %APPDATA%\Code\User\settings.json (Windows) or $HOME/.config/Code/User/settings.json (Linux)


  • Install package

python -m pip install -U mypy --user

  • Enable
    "python.linting.mypyEnabled": true,
    "python.linting.mypyArgs": [],
    "python.analysis.typeCheckingMode" :"basic",
    "python.linting.mypyPath": "C:\\Users\\dieterv\\AppData\\Roaming\\Python\\Python39\\Scripts\\mypy.exe",

to ~/.config/Code/User/settings.json

more mypy info


Add the following to your settings.json

"autoDocstring.docstringFormat": "google",
"autoDocstring.guessTypes": true,
"autoDocstring.generateDocstringOnEnter": true,
"autoDocstring.includeExtendedSummary": true,
"autoDocstring.quoteStyle": "\"\"\"",

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